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Perfect Storm

Nothing beats hanging with the Homies.  Tonight was the best experience ever.  The night didn’t end with bread pudding but that’s another story.  Tonight was about camaraderie, team dynamics and the best time with friends that anyone could ever put together.  I was voting for the underdog as I have been for years but, for some reason, tonight was different.  I’ve been a hater for most of my sports career.  Hating the favored teams.  The only exception were the Bull’s of the 90’s.  MJ, Pippen, Paxson, Armstrong, Rodman, Kukoc, et. al.  That was the team.  I didn’t know it back then but I was in the same boat as the Heat fans were for this era. Cheering on a team that had all the elements of a dynasty.  No wonder why other fans just hated.  It was different then.  Chicago won and that was it.  No respect.  No appreciation of just how hard the other team played.  Maybe it was because they didn’t stand a chance.

Well, this season was a complete toss up.  It seriously could have gone either way.  If it did, I would have been happier for the victor.  And so it was.  With Kawhi Leonard going off, Wade being Wade, LeBron going off and, well, Ginobili being, BLAH, Ginobili, the stage was set.

At the end of the fourth, emotion struck Duncan.  As he hit the floor with his right hand, I knew that it was now or never and most likely never.  That’s pretty much how it turned out.

Be that as it may, I was more struck by how each team and their respective personnel handled the aftermath.  Pure respect.  Even with Ginobili’s European “flair”, they still had the sense to congratulate each other for a well played series.  That is gentleman basketball.  No shit talking, no shit taking, no drama, no need to play into what we’ve known to be NBA silliness.  “Let’s just play basketball and see where this takes us…on its own merits.”

Explains why I just can’t quit this game.  It’s seduced me into believing that it takes me to a different place.  A place where gentlemen can co-exist in the heat of battle and respect each other in the aftermath.

I always wondered but now I know why “I love this game.”