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30 Hours

So more like 30 hours instead of days. If the apps were more current/available it may have stood a chance. Here are the pros and cons that I observed in those 30 hours:


– 41 mega-FRICKIN-pixel camera!!
– Bing option for lock screen wallpaper. New wallpaper every day!
– Solid build. Thick but solid, well made, premium feel.
– Double tap to wake from sleep mode.
– Reads back received text messages via Bluetooth. Can be set to read it back all the time.


– Gmail is not push
– For Outlook, sync’d folders are not identified in the mail list. Unable to determine which mail is from the folder and which is in the main inbox.
– Pixelation of contact photo when a call comes in. This is probably not a Windows phone issue. Occurred in Moto X.
– Must continually hit the “back” button to close apps. Press and hold brings up open apps but can’t close from there.
– Must hit “download” in email for inline pics. Can’t “always download from this sender” ala Android. Download time is super quick though.
– Apps are VERY lacking. Some apps haven’t been updated in years (PageOnce).
– Nokia weather app is unimpressive. Bing weather app is realtime (or at least updates frequently) and updates corresponding weather picture on the Live Tile.
– Notifications are quirky. For some apps they appear (texts?). For some apps they don’t. Haven’t figured out the pattern or configuration of this yet. Maybe they don’t even exist (what am I seeing?) Seems MS thinks Live Tiles are “notifications”? What about the Live Tiles that aren’t visible without scrolling down?
– The clock on the lock screen is bland. Just sits there and the transitions from one position to another is plain. Why not let it “breath”? How about fading from one position to another? No notification on this screen for email, texts, calls, etc.?
– Very thick hardware. May be too cumbersome for some people.
– OS UI design already showing its age?
– No option for folders on “Start” page. Can do it in Windows OS why not Windows Phone?
– Lack of dev support
– Lack of accessories (cases)
– Undersized screen for such a large device
– Display resolution is only Amoled 720p
– 41mp camera hump is awkward

Lumia 1020

I got the Lumia 1020 yesterday and decided to give Windows Phone a run for its money.  I’ve had some play time with the 920 but never really gave it a chance.  I’ve basically been brain washed by the iPhone and have been tethered since 2007.  My quest to move away has been futile.  I’ve run thru every premium handset out there and, whether by choice or not, it’s always been a run back to the magical fruit.

This time I’ve decided to dedicate a full 30 days to Windows Phone.  Why now?  Why not?  Making quick, hasty decisions in the past has never worked out for me.  Never.  Ironically, in my haste, I’ve decided that now is the time to make real, knowledgeable, well thought out decisions.  This, with the hope of transitioning to other aspects of my life that will have everlasting, positive consequences.  And away we go…