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Quick Glance

The Note 3 survives thru today.  A fate that the 1020 could not overcome.  The size is still awkward but getting “normal” every day.

On a couple of occasions since I’ve had it, there was a feature that I’d see but never investigated until now.  That is Quick Glance.  I’d see this feature happen but really didn’t know what it was called until now.  It’s located in Settings > Controls > Air gesture.  Once it’s turned on, you’re able to see notifications that you selected to display.  The way it works is you hover your hand over the sensor to the right of the earpiece (this motion also wakes the phone from dimming).  The idea is that all you have to do is wave your hand to check the chosen summaries if the blinking LED is not enough or you forget what color referred to what notification.  In order to prevent false activations, it’s setup so that you have to hover and hold your hand there for a second or so before it actually appears.  The LED on the front lit up blue for me just before the screen appeared.

One of the many other features that Samsung’s put into this device.  Stay tuned for other interesting discoveries.

Galaxy Note 3

I picked up one of these behemoth’s last night at a local T-Mobile.  I’m really trying to give this move a fighting chance because between them and Sprint, T-Mobile has LTE availability in San Diego and have the holy grail of data plans, unlimited.  6gb’s is way more than enough for me with AT&T along with their excellent coverage.  But how can you beat unlimited for the same price?!  I’m hoping this current experience (tried it back in March with crappy San Diego LTE coverage) will keep me at T-Mobile.  Coverage in the outlying areas (around the country) is spotty if not existent at all.  Speeds are down to EDGE bands at best.  The big 2 excel at this with better coverage albeit non-LTE speeds.  I opted for the 2.5gb plan that gets throttled after the alotted bandwidth.  Although it’s throttled, it’s still an all you can eat data.

So the real reason for my post is sort of a reminder of how to get to this setting on Samsung phones.  Synchronization for the sub-folders in my Exchange account at work was necessary.  It was inconsistent between the other Android devices (a flaw of manufacturing UI’s) that I’ve tried so instead of trying to remember or having to Google each device for the setting, I decided to keep a journal of it here.

For the Note 3, you have go into the phones settings.  Go to General > Accounts > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync > Settings > [Select your Exchange account] > More settings > Folder sync settings.  Click on each folder and set it accordingly.  Android ver. 4.3 w/ TouchWiz 4.3.  This setting was one of the selling points for me on this phone.  Now I’ll have to work on overcoming is the enormity of this device.  HAPPY SMARTPHONING!