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Earlier this week I traded in the Note 3 for the LG G2.  I’d convinced myself, as good as the Note 3 has been, that it was just too big.  Everything else about the phone was great.  Off to T-Mobile to make the exchange.  I couldn’t have been happier to have a “normal” sized phone again.  Ah bliss, when you have it, it’s an awesome thing.  It wouldn’t last long with the G2.  Less than 24 hours later, the flaws (my opinion) started rearing their ugly heads:

  1. Inconsistent “knock-knock” feature.  The feature to wake the device with 2 taps was inconsistent for me.  At times, the phone just wouldn’t respond/wake.
  2. Group texting.  With all MMS settings enabled, LG managed not to allow their text app to receive group text messages in one thread.  The usual 1 text/person from a group text was the flavor of the day.  This was an issue with Google’s own text app in versions 4.1 and earlier.  Maybe further back than 4.1 but by 4.2, it was fixed so there’s no reason this should be happening on LG’s texting app.
  3. For a device with high end, cutting edge hardware there were lots of lagging and on the rare occasion I actually got it to freeze up.

So 3 main issues I had and it was enough for me to not get “in tune” with the phone.  I tried to justify it with “I’ll hit up XDA, root it and put AOSP on it.”  Eventually the Nexus 5 would be released and surely there’d be a port of AOSP from it to the G2.  Then I thought, why should I have to go thru all that trouble?!  As fun as rooting and unlocking is, I just think that a phone should be “flawless” coming out of the box.

Yesterday, I returned the G2 and went BACK to the Note 3.  Felt like I got back together with an ex.  Relief, familiarity, the expectation and realization of being whole.  I haven’t felt this way about a device since getting back on the iPhone.  By the way, while the G2 was down, I was on the 5s.  Man is that display small!

So I’m back for round 2 or continuation of round 1 with the Note 3 and it’ll hopefully stay that way.  The iPhone has been put away for now and it will likely stay that way until Apple can make that “magical” 5″ display.

Thanks to T-Mobile who put up with my indecision without any fanfare or issue on their part AND they let me have unlimited LTE data!!  🙂

Quick Glance

The Note 3 survives thru today.  A fate that the 1020 could not overcome.  The size is still awkward but getting “normal” every day.

On a couple of occasions since I’ve had it, there was a feature that I’d see but never investigated until now.  That is Quick Glance.  I’d see this feature happen but really didn’t know what it was called until now.  It’s located in Settings > Controls > Air gesture.  Once it’s turned on, you’re able to see notifications that you selected to display.  The way it works is you hover your hand over the sensor to the right of the earpiece (this motion also wakes the phone from dimming).  The idea is that all you have to do is wave your hand to check the chosen summaries if the blinking LED is not enough or you forget what color referred to what notification.  In order to prevent false activations, it’s setup so that you have to hover and hold your hand there for a second or so before it actually appears.  The LED on the front lit up blue for me just before the screen appeared.

One of the many other features that Samsung’s put into this device.  Stay tuned for other interesting discoveries.